Foundations Program

Our Foundations program is a one-on-one informational and instructional course designed for anyone new to CrossFit or strength training. We’ll guide you through the basic movements, get you familiarized with proper mechanics and technique and get your body primed to join our group classes. You’ll work with your very own Coach For Life to set goals, talk nutrition, and work together to prepare you to move on to the next step of your fitness path at CFLM. Foundations are designed to ensure your success — there’s no set schedule or timeline. We will cover topics and exercises as you need until you and your Coach For Life have determined together that you’re ready for the next phase. That can be as short or long a time as you need in our Foundations program.

After you’ve completed Foundations to your satisfaction (and your Coach’s) you won’t have to worry about being left in a lurch to find your own way. Your Coach For Life will be with you to be your sounding board, cheerleader, and guide as long as you’re with CrossFit Lake Mary.

CrossFit Classes

Get the best of group and one-on-one training at CFLM. With our unique Hybrid program everyone gets access to both group classes and personal training. Your relationship with your Coach can be your best tool and asset toward reaching your fitness goals, whether aesthetic or performance-based, or both. The atmosphere of group classes can motivate you on tough days where you need an extra little push to bring your best. With the Hybrid program, tap in to our amazing community, your way. You and your Coach For Life work together to design your own membership program with scheduled personal training and group sessions for the duration of your membership.

Kettlebell Instruction

CFLMinsideKettlebellKettlebells are a cast iron “Ball” with a handle, like a cannon ball. The unique handle allows for an offset weight, which creates maximum load through a greater range of motion. This leads to greater stability and mobility as well as strength for the upper body.

The ability to have greater range of motion also allows for the dynamic and ballistic type movements unique to kettlebells, as in the swing and snatch. This all translates into power, strength and cardiovascular endurance all in one exercise. The end result is a strong health back, resilient shoulders, powerful hips and outstanding grip strength.

Please either email or call Greg (407) 805-8818 at to schedule an appointment for private sessions and training fees

Personal Training

Weather you want to perfect your form, improve movements or just need a few extra classes at your convenience, we are here to assist!

Please email or call Jennifer at (407) 805-8818 to schedule an appointment for private sessions with any of our trainers.



12034362_1124349434259451_1792754198080583281_o Stretching and recovery are essential to any athlete’s performance. Yoga will increase your flexibility, strengthen your core, assist in recovery, and help you to avoid injuries. Athletes attending weekly yoga classes will help improve lifts, open shoulders, release tension in hamstrings and quads, and improve balance. It will also decrease muscle soreness and tightness.  This is open to anyone.  It’s a Free class for members and $5 for Drop-Ins.