Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight


Danny started with us a year ago to help improve his strength and stamina.  He has been working very hard and I think those that know him in the box and outside would agree it’s working!!  Great job!!

“After the three worst years in my life I moved to Florida and didn’t know anyone except my two partners at work. I joined a baseball team and a teammate suggested I start crossfit to build up my endurance and my leg strength. So I began investigating different boxes. I knew there would be physical benefits to starting CrossFit but I didn’t know I would discover such a fantastic group of people and an addicting lifestyle as well as a great coaching crew. I knew I was in the right place after my first class when Wes and Shaun welcomed to the group. Greg and Jen have built something that has terrific value and attracts great people. Glad I found CFLM. It has made my transition to Florida much easier.”


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