Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Courtney is one of the hardest working and humble athletes in the box.  Check out what she has to say…

“There are a number of reasons why I started CrossFit. The easiest of which is that I’ve always been an athlete and participated in some sort of fitness activity and CrossFit provides an outlet for my competitive drive. The most difficult of which is my father passing away in September 2011. He was my biggest supported and my best friend. He also was a Power Lifter turned Body Builder who traded his dreams for the dreams of his children. I was introduced to CrossFit in May 2012, a time when i was looking for a change and for an outlet. I couldn’t lift more than a 45 pound bar over my head or do a single push-up to standard when I started, but lifting made me feel closer to him and it gave, and continues to give me peace. Being that I started in May, one of the first WODs I did was Murph. It took me over an hour and I needed to use the thickest green band possible for pull-ups, and did my push-ups from my knees. My goal afterwards was to not have to use a band the following year. My mindset is very much the same 5 years later and there is still so much I can’t do. However, every day I strive to be just 1% better than I was the day before.

I actually met Greg early in my Crossfit journey and the coach I was working with at the time always spoke highly of him and of CrossFit Lake Mary. When the time came for me to explore avenues that would enhance my foundation in CrossFit, CFLM was the first place I thought of. They were gracious enough to allow me to drop in for a week but it took less than that for the box to feel like home. I was looking for an atmosphere that felt like family, where the culture was inclusive and supportive. Where the coaches had a genuine interest in the members and seeing them accomplish their goals, whatever they may be. A place where I could grow, not only as an athlete but more importantly as a person, a mother and a friend. I found that at CFLM and I am eternally grateful.”


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