“Pick me up”

Meet Jen.  She has been a member at CrossFit Lake Mary for almose 3 years now.  She found herself hitting a plateau in her weightloss goals and needed a “pick me up” to reenergize her.

We often hear about people hitting a wall after or plateau after a period of time.  She came to us with her concerns and decided to take on a 6 week challenge.  Part of our promise is that we will get our clients the results they come to us for and work with them one on one to help them with that and gaining better movment.  Through hard work and overcoming many obsticales that have been thrown her way she had found the success she had been looking for.   She worked very hard and kept a positive attitude and this was her result.
We are so proud she didn’t stop and gave us the opportunity to help her!  Can’t wait to see where this takes her now that she’s found her passion again.  14542293_10210682531243239_2524166353359380689_o

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