Powerful Words!

Tacha started with CFLM in 2013…..

She recently sent me a few pictures that I knew I had to share because:
1. They are awesome…duh!
2. Because I wanted her story to inspire others and not just the new members, but people that have been doing any fitness program for a long period of time and just go through the motions instead of really applying themselves. 
See, Tacha has gone back and fourth, but it was this last time especially that really made me proud.  She said, “Jen, I’m really gonna put in the work this time and stay committed.”  Well, that she did!  A few things she said really stuck out to me when I asked her some questions.  I couldn’t help but smile and be proud of how far she has come.  She said, “CrossFit has been my stress reliever.  All of my problems of the day are gone when I walk through the door.  CrossFit is a part of me and I can’t see life without it.”  Now that’s some powerful stuff!!!  
A couple of things led her to CrossFit.  She said she was tired of her clothes not fitting and not being as active as she was when she was younger.  She said, “I was tired of being fat.”   She also said she felt like her mental state was poor due to her eating and lack of movement.  She said she “believes that when your body is not healthy inside and out your mental state sucks.”  The best part is she realized the scale only showed her a number.  As we looked back at her old pictures her old weight was 180 and she is now 178.  She said she’s never felt better and her old clothes are too big!  You can clearly see a difference regardless of her weight on the scale!
-We are all so proud of her

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