Name: Richard Robertson

Age: 41


Where did you grow up? South Florida

When did you become a member of CFLM? 1.11.16

What do you do when are you not at CFLM? (hobbies, occupation, etc.) Alligator Trapper, Ride my  motorcycle.

How did you find out about CrossFit? My Wife and Facebook.

When did you realize CrossFit was right for you? On my 2nd round of Bootcamp.

What is your favorite WOD/movement? Rowing.

What is your least favorite WOD/movement? Burpees.

What would your PERFECT WOD look like? Lots of rowing.

What goals have you completed since starting at CFLM? Lose weight, and get healthier

What motivates you to finish and push hard to complete a WOD? The encouragement of the members.

What is something about yourself that we do not know about you? I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started with CrossFit? Showup, listen, learn, REPEAT


FILL IN THE BLANK (one word):

I like…Adrenaline

I eat…Meat

I do…Whatever it takes.

I am…A workaholic



Making a difference in our youth!!

We have several members who have children and it just goes to show what an impact they are having on their kids lives.  They are teaching them it’s cool and good to workout and lead a healthy lifestyle.  It builds self-esteem and helps strengthen relationships in a healthy way.  We are so proud of our parents at CFLM and the example they are sending to their kids!  Here are a couple examples…

“Just wanted to share this from my daughter’s page…. we are loving this!”

“Me wearing the same shirt a few months later??? I guess lifting heavy things and not being on a freshman meal plan does wonders.”


Here is another example from one of our Youth Weightlifters….

“Around 3 years ago I was 155 lbs of pure fat, I didn’t work out, didn’t eat good, I absolutely hated everything about myself. Now I stand here today, a solid 128lbs of pure persistence. This was a journey from me as a freshman to me as a senior. Blood, sweat, tears, and lots of fails just to be here. It wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t a journey, it has taught me to be thankful for every moment that I hit a new lift, every moment I kept running when I thought it was impossible, every time I fail. A wise man will fall 7 times but get up 8!! It’s all about how you rebound! The failures are what make you a success, be thankful for them because every time you succeed it’s going to feel so good! Don’t forget to do everything to excellence unto the Lord. If it wasn’t for him I’d be weak but the Lord is my strength! All because of Him who lives inside of me I’m able to get up every day and go hit a new lift or continue training. I also love thanking my crossfit coaches /react-text @crossfitlm react-text: 55 for helping coach me and teach me on what it is to be an athlete. Always remember to breathe and focus before accomplishing your goal. Get your mind right, tell yourself you can! And if you fail, then get right back up, because you CAN!”

Become a USA Weightlifting Coach!

Become a USA Weightlifting Coach!

  • Suitable for Strength & Conditioning /Sports Performance, Health & Fitness and beginning level competitive Weightlifting Coaches.
  • Gain base line knowledge about the programming of training and technical rules.
  • All participants will learn technical progressions and variations of the:
  • Snatch
  • Clean & Jerk

The course includes theoretical classroom, and practical hands-on portions. Course duration is one weekend and approximately 13-14 hours.



Date: May 21-22, 2016

Location: CrossFit Lake Mary

111 Commerce St. Lake Mary, Fl 32746

Instructor: Daniel Camargo

Local Contact: Greg Sheppard (407) 805-8818

Register Today!  


Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

We are proud to be hosting the Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Seminar Level 1 – January 23-24 at CrossFit Lake Mary

Instructed by Catalyst Athletics Coaching Staff

This is our Level 1 weightlifting seminar AND the seminar required for the Level 1 Catalyst Athletics Certified Weightlifting Coach certification. You can attend this seminar without the certification process.

Register here http://www.catalystathletics.com/olympic-weightlifting-seminars/schedule/

Group Discounts Available
Please contact us to receive discount codes for groups of 3 or more.


Pre-Requisites for CERTIFICATION ONLY:
– Minimum 1 year experience training the Olympic lifts
– Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Coaches & Athletes (2nd Ed.)

Course Materials:
– Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Coaches & Athletes (2nd Ed.)
-Online certification modules (access with payment in full)

Read more about the certification program here.

Saturday-Sunday January 23-24 2016
10 am – 5 pm


CrossFit Lake Mary
111 Commerce St.
Lake Mary, Fl. 32746