Real life Gains!!

This is Danny, he has been with us at CrossFit Lake Mary for 3 months and is seeing some BIG changes in his game!  Check out what he has to say…


“I hope everyone is seeing the same kind of Gainz I have been experiencing. We have a great group of people and excellent coaches at CFLM. Only been in three months but my performance at the box and on the field are radically improved. I’ve trained athletically for a long time but since I added CrossFit to the mix it has not only become my primary workout but it has accelerated my growth as an athlete tremendously. Pretty amazing at my age. Thanks coaches for your tremendous energy and knowledge of your craft!”

CrossFit is not just a program to help you lose weight, but also a program that will help you in real life at everything you do!  It doesn’t matter if your an elite athlete, a doctor or stay at home mom.  This will help you get stronger, improve your energy levels, reduce stress and a whole lot more!  You don’t need to be in shape to start you just have to start!  Give us a call to set up your consultation today!

Running season is here!

Wanted to share with you some exciting news!  Our Running class is back for 6 weeks!  Coach Keire will take you through drills, technique and form work every Saturday morning for the 6 week session!  Plus she will have some helpful tips & tricks to make your running on point!  Don’t miss out only 12 spots available!  Starts Saturday, October 10th!  Non members welcome as well.

Sign up here

We will finish off this 6 weeks with a test to see how you have improved by participating in the Fall Classic 5k brought to us by our member, Sarah Jolly with Private Wealth Management at Heathrow.  Enter CFLM for a discount!

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Think about your squat…

So what’s so important about an air squat?
​a​ir ​squat is one of the most important & functional movements we do in CrossFit and also probably one of the most important movements you do everyday in real life!

I mean think about how much you squat….sitting down on a chair, on the toilet, squatting down to pick something up, etc…
Squatting is one of the best strength exercises, hitting many different muscle groups at the same time. Squats strengthen the quads, hamstrings, glutes and the core must stabilize to maintain a neutral spine.  
Poor squatting can lead to…..
Knee Pain
Shin Splints
Plantar Fasciitis
Hip Bursitis
Want to see how your squat looks?  
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